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Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. One or two of these questions are asked rather nervously, so we figure a few of you must be thinking the same thing!

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We agree the chair is like a dentist’s but rest assured this isn’t going to hurt. We don’t have a drill, or injections and don’t cause any bleeding. Your eyes stay in your head (yes I have been asked if you take my eyes out to look at them), and we shine light on them to look at them, using our specialised microscope. Some people find bright light makes their eyes water. If we need to use any drops we will explain what they’re for, hand you a tissue and explain there’s a slight sting. To me it feels bit like shampoo in my eyes – uncomfortable but a few blinks and I am OK. I have really pale blue eyes so they’re more sensitive to drops.

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Your eyelids will be touched in a routine eye examination as we need to move them to see parts of your eye better. If you want to wear contact lenses then there will be a contact lens gently resting on your eyeball. During an intra-ocular pressure test, sometimes referred to as a glaucoma test we instil a topical anaesthetic to then rest the probe on the front of your eye. You won’t feel a thing and we have had it done to ourselves hundreds of time.

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If you need glasses to see in the distance we will advise if you legally must wear them driving. The rest of the time it’s a case of wear them when you want to see more clearly. Wearing glasses or not wearing them will not cause your vision to deteriorate; other factors do like genetics and age.

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At Victoria Street Optometrists we allow 45 minutes for your eye examination. We spend the first part asking about your vision, eyes and health. We then check what you can see and calculate what lenses we could prescribe to help you to see better. We also look at the front of your eyes and then through the pupil (the black spot) to examine the back of your eyes ( the optic nerve and retina). We then end with a summary of our findings and recommendations and answer any questions.

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During the refining process of what prescription lenses you need we do some tests that seem a bit bizarre the first time as we ask which view is clearer out of 2 options and neither seem great. It’s like we are running you a bath and offering hot or cold water until the temperature is perfect. We take the time to ensure your glasses are perfect and if we didn’t get it right first time we want the opportunity to rectify it for you.

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A full eye examination with either Isla or Kylie is $95 and takes 45 minutes. If you have a red eye and only need a shorter appointment it is $60 and subsequent follow ups may be as little as $35. As health professionals we charge for our time and skill. As we tailor an eyecare solution to the costs will be itemised and explained to you. For further information please email info@vicopt.co.nz

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We will tell you the truth about your eye health and your vision. When you are short sighted as a child every year you visit the optometrist and often things have got worse. But the good news is your vision does plateau so we may be telling you that. Sometimes we may even find your vision has got better.

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No it cannot. Your eyeball is packed and sealed tightly in the eye socket. The contact lens might move up under your upper lid and be hard to find but it won’t get into your brain.

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As we use a locally based lens lab we can get single vision glasses made in 1-2 working days. Lenses that are specially made like polarized and progressives will take longer, usually 5-7 working days. If you have broken your glasses or are heading out of town we will always ask for an urgent delivery time frame for you.

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If you have had an eye examination at Victoria Street Optometrist in the past 12 months we can do a quick consultation to do a drivers licence screening and issue the eyesight certificate (DL12).

If you haven’t had your eyes examined here in the past 12 months we will need to do a full eye examination.  We have examined many failed drivers and found a few people had sight threatening conditions that were the reason they failed.

It may be that you do pass the requirements for driving but you just didn’t pass the screening and a DL12 can be issued at the end of your appointment. Or it may be that your eyes have gradually deteriorated and you now need a visual correction to pass the standard.

The DL12 form is valid for 60 days once it is issued.

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In New Zealand we need to see a copy of your prescription to supply you with contact lenses, this is a legal requirement.  This will show the date of your last eye examination, the brand of contact lens, what size, shape and material they are, and the strength for each eye.

If you don’t have the information, or we don’t have your brand of contact lenses in New Zealand, we can see you for an appointment and fit you with another contact lens type.  We will always recommend the best contact lens for you and discuss the latest technology available for your prescription.

We do want to help you, but we need to be certain that we are supplying you with the correct contact lens for your eyes.